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  Tele-Training Seminars Available From Our Expert Apartment Seminar Coaches

Tele-Training Seminars are 50 minutes long with 10 minutes at the end for Q & A. Rick will extend these sessions 15 minutes at no additional charge if his schedule permits. Yet, after years of training over the telephone, we have found that our active and sometimes antsy on-site professionals can only sit still for about an hour…even with Rick’s fun and exciting presentations.

Check out these exciting topics and presentation details. (Remember, these are 50 minute sessions):

1. PTT - Powerful Telephone Techniques – Usually presented in two sessions, the Tele- Training version of PTT includes:

  • Why Phone Prospects are the “BEST” rental prospects.
  • The #1 Objective for handling a telephone prospect (its NOT to set an “appointment”!).
  • 6 Steps for Making each call a Success.
  • The Magic of “Asking Questions” – Create relationship while maintaining control of the conversation.
  • The EPMS CUE CARD, a powerful Telephone Leasing tool!
  • Great Qualifying Questions for every Telephone Presentation.
  • Demonstrating – Painting “Word Pictures” in the Mind of your Telephone Prospect.
  • Creating Interest and Urgency on the telephone.
  • Closing – Getting the phone prospect to your Community…RIGHT NOW!

2. CLOSING…The Bottom Line! – Rick will demystify closing and help you understand “the close” as the natural progression and ending of your relationship oriented leasing presentation.

“CLOSING…The Bottom Line - Part I”

  • It all starts and ends with RELATIONSHIP.
  • Learn the 3 Reasons Leasing Professionals fail to close the lease.
  • Commencement; Its not REALLY a “CLOSE”, it is a beginning!
  • The TWO and ONLY Objections you will EVER hear…and the formula for overcoming them!
  • Handling the PUT-OFF – Is it an objection or is the prospect just not interested?

“CLOSING…The Bottom Line – Part II"

  • Closing – The “Cost” when we fail to close.
  • Relationship Leasing – Even the close has always been about “relationships”.
  • The Pre-Close - A temperature-taking technique for seeing if the “Turkey” is done.
  • 10 BASIC CLOSES – And how to use them!
  • What to do (on those RARE occasions!) when you don’t close the lease!

3. "LEASEMAKERS’© - Comprehensive Leasing Seminar – From telephone to closing, LEASEMAKERS highlights the critical components of an effective and productive leasing presentation. Presented in five to eight segments, this is an in-depth tele-course that will make your onsite team members leasing warriors! LEASEMAKERS is truly the last word in effective and productive leasing training! Call us for the complete course outline!

4. "The Service Technician as Leasing and Renewal Consultant" – This training focuses on creating a "team effort" involving all on-site employees in the marketing and re-marketing (retention!) efforts of the apartment community.

Part 1

  • he high cost of a Resident turnover.
  • What Residents REALLY want and how the maintenance department is the primary deliverer of these wants.
  • The service tech's contribution to the leasing effort.
  • Basic fair housing for service technicians.

Part 2

  • Every apartment community's Resident retention "Secret Weapon" (Yes, you guessed it!).
  • Maintenance etiquette on the property and in an occupied apartment.
  • The service tech’s contribution to the renewal effort.
  • How to Do It Right . . . even when you don't feel right.
  • Communication basics - getting what you need as maintenance professional.

5. "Don't FREAK OUT About Fair Housing" – Not just another fair-housing seminar! This training will "celebrate" the federal fair housing laws and demonstrates how to use these to your benefit in your ongoing marketing and leasing efforts. While a one-hour version is available, we recommend this be offered in two segments with ample Q and A after each session.

  • WHY we MUST have a federal Fair Housing Law.
  • Understanding and identifying the 7 Federally Protected Classes.
  • The BIG 3 Mistakes in adhering to Fair Housing laws.
  • 8 Common Errors in Practicing FAIR HOUSING.
  • The VERY High Cost of Discrimination!
  • Fair housing issues that impact resident rental increases and lease renewals.
  • Fair Housing for maintenance personnel

6. "Big League Marketing on a Little League Budget" – More than just as a collage of trendy ideas and the latest marketing fluff, this presentation teaches the "concepts" of effective and memorable apartment marketing. Staring with the 4 P’s of Apartment Marketing, "People, Product, Price, and Promotion", Big League Marketing teaches the nuts and bolts. Over four one-hour sessions, participants will learn:

  • Marketing vs. Leasing – Two Unique Disciplines
  • The Truth and Myth of Target Marketing – Why you don’t actually “target” your market in the apartment biz.
  • What is Marketing? – It Encompasses Almost every Aspect of Property Management.
  • Appeal – It just begins with “Curb Appeal”!
  • PEOPLE - The Most Important of the 4 P’s!
  • PRICE – Do you REALLY have the Right Rental Rates?
  • PRODUCT – Staying Competitive in Style and Desirability.
  • PROMOTION – Its so much more than just “advertising”!
  • Troubleshooting: Do we REALLY have a Problem…or is it Something Else?
  • Fundamentals for Creating a Marketing Plan.
  • The Marketing KWIK Meet - Ideas for Managing and motivating the onsite leasing team.

Many More Tele-Training Topics – These represent just a few available topics! Let us know your needs and if we do not have such a presentation, we will create one!

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