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  Ellis Consulting Group Apartment Consultants and Apartment Leasing Training

The following program is designed by ELLIS Consulting Group (ECG) to provide management, marketing, sales consulting to apartment communities that are currently underperforming due to difficult markets and cutthroat competition. ELLIS Consulting Group, an Irving, Texas based marketing and consulting company, will provide its immediate expertise and experience to assist apartment communities in an especially challenging market or situation to reach their occupancy and economic goals.

Field, Find, and Fix describes the process of visiting the targeted property or property cluster, determining the key problems and challenges, and solving or “fixin” these issues on the spot through coaching, training, and immediate adjustments and repositioning of the onsite team’s marketing, resident services, lease renewal efforts, and leasing strategies. Rather than writing an extensive written document that may take weeks to complete, the goal is to address all issues during the visit and leave the property in a more productive and market-oriented position.


  • A two to three day “FIELD” visit to the community and its submarket
  • Work with the property supervisor and/or on-site business manager to survey current property operations and the property’s primary comparables


  • Using a comprehensive “check-list”, identify the property’s most significant challenges
  • Discuss with the property supervisor and/or manager to determine their perspective of these challenges


  • Create a new or updated strategy to make an immediate impact on the asset’s income and occupancy
  • Provide up to a half-day in training to address such issues as leasing, marketing, and teamwork
  • “Coach” and encourage the staff during the entire two to three day “FIXING” process

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