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I Love Monday's
MONDAY! I sincerely LOVE this day! You can embrace the day as a new beginning; an opportunity to enjoy the challenges of the week; and you choose life. Or you can dread it and start a potentially fulfilling week like a whipped pup; something of a continuation of your slow death. It's your decision. As for me, I choose life. I know it will be a great week!
LEASEMAKERS is a comprehensive leasing and sales seminar that is jam-packed full of the fundamentals that will make your on-site team successful. From telephone skills to securing the lease, LEASEMAKERS highlights the critical components of an effective and productive leasing presentation. Best of all, the seminar promotes Relationship Leasing, a sales style that respects each rental prospect as a person with unique needs and wants; not simply a piece of traffic.
The Resident is NOT the Problem!
Sure the customer is always right...but what about when the customer is not right? The interaction with Residents is one of the biggest stress inducers of many apartment personnel. Demanding residents cause much grief and sometimes burnout of our on-site teams.  Learn how to discern the differences between Resident "problems" and "Problem Residents".  You will learn creative and effective techniques for dealing with both.  Proper response to all Residents not only increase retention but also enhances the on-site professional's effectiveness while reducing employee turnover due to so called "Resident abuse."  
When You Answer The Phone

When you answer the phone....

"STOP . . . What You Are Doing - Be ready to give the caller your full attention.  Stop talking, stop typing on the computer, stop eating, stop laughing.  Give this VIP - Very Important Prospect - your 100% focus and concentration.  As if filming a movie, when the telephone rings, everything else stops.  The director yells "Ready, Set, ACTION!" The clacker comes down with a resounding "crack,” and the camera is rolling!  You're "on," and the telephone prospect is getting all your attention, effort, and concern.

Don't forget the high cost of getting this telephone prospect to call. Considering what you must pay for advertising, the cost to generate a single prospect call can be as much as $300!  This alone warrants your full attention.  More important, the prospect can "feel" when the leasing consultant is not 100% "there."  It’s obvious to the caller when the leasing professional is not giving their all!


“Internet Marketing and Leasing Philosophy” - The Internet is the fastest growing source of new rental prospects for the apartment industry.  It is not a passing fad that will be considered outdated in a few years.  Rather, it will continue to grow as two million new users log on to the Internet every month!  With over 550 million Internet users worldwide, the Internet has become a considerable force in the marketing and sales of products and services of ALL kinds! 



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